Let’s talk about “F I T “

Let's talk about "F I T "

I’ve been thinking something that’s been stuck in my head, one that many of you have probably thought of, too. What is your biggest challenge or fear when it comes to shopping? Many will answer with, “ I want something that fits right,” or “I don’t know what the right fit is for my body! I hate shopping because I can never find anything that I look good in!”

I know I often feel like giving up when I can’t find anything that fits right. I’ve had many years of frustration in finding the right pieces to fit my big, curvy frame. When I discovered Agnes & Dora, it was amazing. When I became an Agnes & Dora representative, I learned so much about how to find the right fit.

So I came up with 5 tips to find the best fit for your body.

  1. Take note of your body shape. Body shapes have a major impact on how you should dress. For example, do you have an hourglass shape? Is your body heavier on the bottom? Or in the middle? Are you shaped straight down the middle? Once you know your body shape, it’ll become easier to figure out what to wear and buy.
  1. site rencontre togo Find clothes that follow the natural curves of your frame and define your waist. For example, if you have a little more around the bottom, make sure your pants and skirts fit the widest point of your hip and go straight down from there.  Add a belt to define your waist, or have the waist tailored so that your fit is comfortable. A great overall tip for all body shapes is to define your waist with a belt over shirts/tops, skirts, dresses and even cardigans. It will show off your shape. Trust me…it works every time! Another great tip: make sure the waistline of your skirt, pants, or shorts is about two inches above your belly button. This is where your waist is the slimmest. This tip works even when you have a little extra in the middle!
  1. rencontre homme 47 Don’t worry about numbers. Every store has its own size chart. You can be size 4 in one store, and then a size 6 in another store. Don’t worry about this; focus on what fits you well. Sizes can vary from fabric to fabric, and varies with the way something is cut or layered.
  1. http://ligaspanyol.net/?mikroskop=rencontre-fille-a-montreal&fe2=dc Find the right wardrobe that helps you look slimmer. Many of us, including me, tend to hide behind fabric to hide our extra weight. But did you know that if you wear clothes that are bigger, you often will look bigger than you really are? Again, what is most important is the fit — that will help slim your overall figure.
  1. how to get the girl your dating to chase you Almost nothing bought off the rack is purrfect! A tailor can become your best friend; don’t be afraid to try and make alterations to your clothes.

Here’s the thing: each and every one of us experiences stress over how something fits when we go shopping. It’s common for us to become insecure about how we look. Remember you aren’t alone. The most important thing to do is to focus on how something fits, regardless of the size it is. If you have questions about the fit of something, or would like to discuss specific fit-related questions, I’m here to help. Leave a comment on this post, or send me a private message, and I’ll get back to you with some advice. We’re all in this together.

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