Life is a short journey not to create who we are, but to actually find out who we are. I don’t want to sound like some wise woman, mother or a Latina wife from Historic Downtown Bozeman, Montana, but I strongly feel it’s the truth. We spend our lifetime learning, hanging out with friends, working, doing our own things including favorite hobbies, helping others, and much more. We are living creatures that want to express ourselves and let everyone know who we really are. You cannot judge a person by their looks or the way they’re dressed, because you would be extremely mistaken to do so. Remember one thing, never judge a book by its cover. This is why I started my blog a year ago as a stay at home to express my feelings, thoughts, and ideas I have in exploring my personal journey. We are all creatures in constant evolution, and remaining static is not something that I do 😊

Hope you enjoy my website, and will travel on this amazing journey with me!