A Life in Montana
June 01, 2016

A Life in Montana

  Wow, buddy. You’re nearly three and half years old. I sort of feel like you were two for only months, because you just seem so big and mature to me. You have no trace of babyhood on you anymore. Your pudgy cheeks have slimmed, and your body has no rolls of baby fat on it anymore. You’re so much longer, leaner, and older, and when I look at your pictures, I marvel at how much time has flown by. Your dad and I enjoy watching you play T-ball so much, and......

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October 09, 2014

Throwback Thursday

When I became an aunt to Caleb Juan Gunderson on June 19, 2003,  he has had a special impact on my life in many ways. Now I am an aunt to 3 amazing nephews and a...